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How to: Install a CDM-12 Player, Pro Player or Pro-2 Player Into a Rowe Model Jukebox.

Pro Player

Are you unsure how to install a CDM-12 Player, Pro Player or Pro-2 Player into your Rowe Model Jukebox? Here are all the steps you need to know. After reading, if you're still having trouble, please feel free to call us at 603-382-2595.

This 'How To' article was previously posted on YouTube. Click here to check watch the video version.

Before getting started:

Make sure that the power is off to the Jukebox before replacing the player. Failure to do so could result in damaging the CD player or the mechanism control computer and voiding out the warranty.

Step 1:

Make sure that your CD’s are clean from smoke and crease. If your CD’s are dirty then it does not matter what player you put into your jukebox it will have problems reading the CD’s.

Step 2:

Loosen the 2 L brackets on top old the player and move them to the side or take them completely off. The CD player will lift straight up and out of the CD player frame. Disconnect the 3 plugs from the player. “Pay attention to the wires. They just pull straight out.

For Rowe Model Players, Pay attention and locate the wire harness plug with the black stripe that runs down its side. This is the Power Connector.

Step 3:

The player circuit board under the player has one of its connectors marked with the word POWER in front of it or on the bottom of the circuit board where the Power Connector plug plugs into it.

If you fail to plug this Power Connector Plug into the right plug on the player circuit board then it could do damage to both the player and Mechanism Control Computer.

There you have it! For visuals and more details, check out our YouTube video here: Click here

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