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Programming a CD-100 Jukebox

*CD 100 Programming Info taken from CD 100 service manual

Putting in new CD’s

Put the service switch to service, when you have the jukebox in service

you can press the cancel button located on the front top left corner of the Mechanism frame and the Mech Magazine will spin counter clockwise. Go ahead and move the mechanism to any open position that you want, then slide in the CD into the open slot in the magazine. Make sure that CD label is facing to the right and CD playing surface is to the left. Make sure that you properly alien each CD as you put them in. Once you have completed putting in the CD’s you need to take the service switch out of service and put it to the Norm playing position.

Playing CD’s

To play a CD you need to select a 4 digit number. The first 2 digits represent the location of the CD, the next 2 digits selects the track number. If you want to play the third song on CD location 5 you would select 0503. If you want to select the 10th song on CD number 88 you would select 8810.

Initializing Disc Pg 3-8

1. Move the Service Switch to the Service position.

2. Type 31

3. Enter the disc No.

4. Press Popular / repeat steps 3&4 for more then one disc.

5. Move the service switch to On position

6. Initializing will start. It takes about three seconds per disc to Initialize when mechanism stops. You can start making selections.

To cancel the Initialization go to service and put in 33 and then press popular to cancel initialization. Don’t forget to put the service switch back to the on position.

Continuous Credit /(FREE PLAY) Pg 2-18

1. Enter the Service mode by setting the Service switch to the Service position.

2. Enter 55. Free Play Status On / Off.

Press and hold Reset and press 9. The display will change from Free play Status On or Off. Press Popular to complete the change.

Auto Play: Put into Service,

40 /Auto play (Std)

41 / 000 /then take it out of service.

That’s it, well it is in auto play when ever you make a selection, it will take priority and will play next.

Clearing Errors From Memory Pg 5-20

Press 8. (*Status*)

Press 1. (*Clear Errors*)

Press Popular. Will blink and then reappear.

Loading Defaults Pg 5-2

1. Turn power switch at service station to Off position.

2. Put service switch to service

3. Hold the Reset, 0 and 1 buttons down while putting power switch to on. Hold down buttons until the display shows Loading Defaults.

Viewing the Errors (err or warn) Pg 5-12

1. Enter Service mode (display shows) Errors Exist

2. Type 8 ( Status )

3. Type 0 ( Error History )

4. Push Popular

5. Hold Reset, Push 9 (Time of first occurrence)

6. Hold Reset, Push 9 (Time it cleared up)\

7. Hold Reset, Push 3 (Next ERR or Warn if a different error exists)

8. Repeat steps 5,6, and 7 as often as necessary.


Put into Service:

6992 /Hold Reset and press 9 to toggle between on and off, then hit popular. To act