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Kick Start Your Labor Day Weekend: Here's What's on Bruce's Jukebox Playlist!

The question never ends! "Bruce what's on YOUR playlist"?

For all those who want to know what records I have in my jukebox, here is a list of all my favorites that will be playing non stop during the long weekend. Don't worry! Your repairs don't stop.

I like to set them up in groups of fast songs and slow songs.

This way when I am in the mood for fast upbeat music or slow relaxing songs, I can easily punch a serious of numbers in just a minute or two.

For those of you having trouble finding the type of music that you like, I would recommend going to this website The company is Green Mountain music out of Vermont.

Hope you like them! Comment below with what music you have in your jukebox.

Scroll through the list below to see more!

What's on your Jukebox list this weekend? Comment below with a few of your favorites!

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