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How to: Install New Type Power Supply Board P/N 61086501

Are you unsure how to install new type power supply board P/N 61086501? Here are all the steps you need to know. After reading, if you're still having trouble, please feel free to call us at 603-382-2595.

This 'How To' article was previously posted on YouTube. Click here to check watch the video version.

When you remove the Old Type Power Supply Board, you will note that there are 3 plugs you need to disconnect. Two small 4 position plugs with 3 wires in each one. These two plugs you will not use when installing the New Type Power Supply Board. The bottom 8 position, 7 wire plug you will be using.

Disconnect the two plugs and just let them hang there. They will be fine and not harm anything.

The position of the male connector on the circuit board where you will be plugging the plug into is located in a different position. You will note on the New board it is not on the bottom center of the board positioned horizontal. It is now located on the bottom right side corner of the board and is now mounted vertical.

The bottom harness plug will not reach over to the vertical mating plug unless you remove the No. 4 Black wire out of the Female harness plug. This is very easy to do. On the bottom side of the plug you will see small slots in the plug itself.

You will need a small jeweler’s screw driver. You just push the screw driver into the slot of the Black color wire, when you do this you will be able to slide the wire out from the back of the plug. When you have it out, just put it out of the way. It will not hurt anything. It is not a power wire, it is just a chassis ground that is not needed on the New Type Power Supply board.

Now you can go ahead and plug the plug into the vertical plug on the Power Supply board. You are all done!

There you have it! For visuals and more details, check out our YouTube video here: Click here

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