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A&B Jukebox Repair: How it all Started.

"They say if you work hard enough and if you are persistent, then in time you will achieve your goals"

-Bruce Wentworth

I purchased my first jukebox in August of 95. It was a Rowe model R86 which Rowe also calls the Gold Magic. What a great sounding jukebox. I remember the first day I got it home and the warm feeling you got when I turned it on and saw the blinking orange lights reflecting off the glass. The first song I played was Crimson and Clover by Sonny James and the Shondels. It sounded like there was a live band playing in my living room and I was hooked. It wasn’t long after that, that my wife was hooked also and she was starting to take over the jukebox with her records. I realized that I needed another jukebox of my very own. This led me to my second jukebox purchase a Rowe model R87, also called the Sapphire. This is when I met Fred Boorack better known as the Jukebox King. Fred delivered my jukebox to my house. After meeting Fred we became good friends. Fred was a schoolteacher who had a part time business selling jukeboxes. I have been a machinist most of my life. Fred asked me if I would like to sell jukeboxes for him on consignment. I said yes and this is when A&B Jukebox Repair got started.

I sold jukeboxes on a part time basis for two years. During that time I got to learn a lot more about the jukeboxes and started to learn how to repair them. I realized that there weren’t many places around that did the repairs. There was only one place in New England that did the repairs and it usually took two to three weeks to get the repairs done. I wanted to go farther and I knew that I had to either go to school nights to learn how to repair the circuit boards or hire someone to train me. After four months of searching I found a technician who I hired to train me two to three nights a week for a period of two years. During this time I learned how to use all the test equipment and how to read schematics, to diagnose and repair the circuit boards . Most of the work I did was repetitious. I continued to buy parts and build my inventory.

In the fall of 99 I started to take in outside work. I would spend three nights a week doing repairs. I advertised in all the jukebox publications and got to know many people in the business. I soon realized they there were a lot of good people in the Jukebox trade. My business is where it is today because of the support of a lot of these good people who have stuck by me and continued to support me through the years. To them I want to express a warm hearted thank you.

In February of 2003 my business had grown to a point where I was working five nights a week, all day Saturday and ½ day on Sunday. At that time I made the decision to go full time in the jukebox repairs and give up my daytime machinist job. It was my personal goal to this some day and my day had come. I feel I am living the American dream.

They say if you work hard enough and if you are persistent, then in time you will achieve your goals.

We hope next time you are in need of repair service or a replacement part for a Rowe Jukebox that you will give us a try. We are committed to helping our customer solve all of their jukebox repair needs and look forward to working with you.

Contact Bruce Wentworth at 603-382-6272 or email if you have more questions.

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