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Rowe Record Jukebox /Front Door Lock $22.00

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Rowe Record Jukebox Front Door Lock. Fits all Rowe record jukeboxes.

Rowe CD Jukebox /Front Door Lock /

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Rowe CD Jukebox front door lock. Fits all Rowe CD jukeboxes, except the CD Bubbler.

Cash Door Lock $18.00

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Rowe Jukebox Cash Door Lock P/N 70162004, fits all Rowe Jukebox Cash Doors. These parts are new, not used.

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Open For Business

Jukebox Key  P/N C033A, P/N C330A, P/N C092A, P/N C094A, The lock number in located in small print on the face of the lock it self. You might need an magnifier glass to read it. Keys are sold individually at $8.00 ea. plus shipping. These keys go into both Rowe /AMI Record and CD model jukeboxes. From models R81 and up. You need to have the number from the lock before you can place your order. Call me if you need my help finding it.    Bruce Wentworth 603-382-6272

Jukebox Key /PN C033A, P/N C330A, P/N C092A, P/N C094A /$8.00 ea.