Jukebox Bulbs

No. 73 Lamps $5.00

No. 73 Lamp & Socket Assembly P/N 2-18622-01 $2.50 ea.

11 Watt, 130V Color Display Bulbs /$3.00 ea.

European Restaurant

No. 73 Lamps, comes in a box quantity of 10 per box. Price is per box.

No. 73 Lamp & Socket assembly. P/N 2-18622-01, goes into many of the Rowe Jukeboxes. Item is $2.50 ea.

11 Watt, 130V Color Display Bulbs  /$3.00 ea.  /They come in Red, Yellow, Blue or Green. They are sold individually, please specify the quantity and colors you want when placing and order. You will find these is some of the Rowe Record jukeboxes and most of the Rowe CD model jukeboxes. These items are “New, not used, for more information call Bruce Wentworth 603-382-6272

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