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Jukebox Accessories

Animation Motor P/N 40824302 (New) /$60.00

Animation Motor Kit P/N 40824302 (New) /$75.00

Blank Title Strips for Record Jukeboxes /$3.00 per sheet of 20

This motor is used in both the Record and CD model jukeboxes. Call if you need more info. These parts are New, not used.

Animation Motor Kit P/N 40824302, Pulley P/N 21897401, Belt-O-Ring P/N 21897301  /these parts are New, not used, They are used in many of the Rowe Record and CD model jukeboxes.

Perforated sheet of blank title strips for Record jukeboxes. Comes in a sheet of 20 per sheet. Price is per sheet. Ready for Laser or inkjet printers, or you can just type or print them out your self.

Button Set /Arrows (Point side to side) /$15.00

Button Set 2-Piece (Popular & Reset) /$15.00

Cash Door Lock $18.00

Button Set 2 piece. Arrows that point side to side. Items are “New, not used

Button Set 2-Piece (Popular & Reset) Item is “New, not used.

Rowe Jukebox Cash Door Lock P/N 70162004, fits all Rowe Jukebox Cash Doors. These parts are new, not used.

Record Jukebox Lock Assembly $22.00

CD Jukebox Front Door Lock Out of Stock

Decal Number Set for Rowe CD Jukebox Title Pages /$15.00

Featured Item

New Addition

Decal Number Set for Rowe CD Title Pages. Numbers go from 00 to 99

Jukebox Diamond Record Needle N44C /P/N Stylus 21814701 /$22.00

Jukebox Key /PN C033A, P/N C330A, P/N C092A, P/N C094A /$8.00 ea.

JukeCD 5.2 Title Card Printing Software for All CD Jukeboxes /$59.95

Jukebox Diamond Record Needle N44C /P/N Stylus 21814701 for Rowe Record Jukebox models R81-R94 and also used in many Rock-Ola Record Jukebox models as well. Item is “New, not used. Because record needles are very fragile and easy to damage if not properly handled. We can not provide a Warranty for this item.

The lock number in located in small print on the face of the lock it self. You might need an magnifier glass to read it. Keys are sold individually at $8.00 ea. plus shipping. These keys go into both Rowe /AMI Record and CD model jukeboxes. From models R81 and up. You need to have the number from the lock before you can place your order. 

Printing up your Jukebox Title cards has never been easier. It enters all your CD information for you without having to type them in. JukeCD lets you download the CD information with the click of a button, prints up to 4 title cards at one time. Will print up cards for any type or model jukebox. It does both single or double format cards. If you own a CD jukebox then this program is a must have item. It is also a great program for maintaining your CD inventory. JukeCD Version 5.2 is compatible for all Windows operation systems 95/ 98/ NT/ ME/ 2000 /XP /7 /8 /10      (Please Note: that is does not work with a Mac operating system)

No. 73 Lamp & Socket Assembly P/N 2-18622-01 $2.50 ea.

No. 73 Lamps $5.00

Rowe Jukebox Color Lens /$3.50 ea. Out of stock

No. 73 Lamp & Socket assembly. P/N 2-18622-01, goes into many of the Rowe Jukeboxes. Item is $2.50 ea.

No. 73 Lamps, comes in a box quantity of 10 per box. Price is per box.

Rowe Jukebox Color Lens /$3.50 ea.  /You will find that many of the Rowe Record and CD model jukeboxes use these type lens. We only have the colors Red, Orange and Clear. Please specify when you place an order, the quantity and colors that you want. This item is “New, not used

Rowe Jukebox Piston Door Support /$10.00

Rowe Record Jukebox Accessory Kit with New” Turn Table Belt /$35.00

Cash Bag P/N 30702601 (Used)  /$10.00

Rowe Jukebox Piston Door Support /$10.00  /this item is to assist in helping to hold up the front door lid. It is not a replacement for the Piston Assembly. The hydraulic Pistons are failing on most Rowe model Record and CD model jukeboxes. You need to hold the door lid up and snap the piston support on to the shaft of the piston assembly to hold up the existing door. You should use one on each side of the jukebox door lid to ensure that the door lid will stay in the up position for you to work in.

Rowe Record Jukebox Accessory Kit. Includes the following parts, 1/ New original remanufactured Turn Table Belt. . 4/ Fuses, 2-MDL 5 Amp slow blow fuses that you find in the Power Supply and 2-AGC fast acting 5 Amp fuses that you find in the Amplifier. There is also a variety of the different types of pin connectors that are used in both the Rowe Record and CD model jukeboxes. 

Cash Bag P/N 30702601 /Used in Rowe Record and CD model jukeboxes.

Cash Box Door P/N 60326705 (Used) /$25.00

Colored Display Bulbs 130v, 11w  /$3.00 ea.

Cash Box Door P/N 60326705 (Used) /$25.00

Used in Rowe Record and CD model jukeboxes. The Door lock is sold separately.

Colored Display Bulbs 130v, 11w, /$3.00 ea.  Please specify the color and quantity you want when placing an order.

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